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Air Control Services offers Las Cruses air conditioning repair. We also offer air conditioner replacement and maintenance services.

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Air Conditioning Repair in Las Cruces, New Mexico

Keeping your home cool during the scorching summers is important. That’s where our HVAC specialists come in. At Air Control Services, we provide air conditioning repair and HVAC services to ensure your comfort year-round.

We offer emergency repairs near you. Our contractors offer 24-hour emergency service, so you can rely on us whenever you need us most.

We understand the importance of prompt and reliable service, so we prioritize local AC repair. Our contractor is equipped to handle any heating or cooling issue efficiently and effectively.

With our transparent pricing and honest communication, you can trust us to provide quality HVAC service that meets your needs and budget. From air conditioner repair to general HVAC maintenance, we’re here to keep your home comfortable and your system running smoothly.

Don’t let a malfunctioning AC unit disrupt your comfort. Contact our company today for any AC service in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Ductless Mini-Split Install & Repair

Ductless mini-splits offer flexible, efficient cooling and heating without extensive ductwork. Air Control Services specializes in both installation and ductless minisplit repair services in Las Cruces. Our experts ensure correct placement for optimal performance and handle all maintenance and repair needs to keep your unit running smoothly. Contact us at (575) 636-2754 for more information or a free quote.

HVAC Repair

For comprehensive HVAC repair services in Las Cruces, call Air Control Services. We address all issues, from furnace repairs to air conditioning malfunctions to heating and cooling repair service. Our skilled technicians ensure your HVAC system operates efficiently and reliably. Call today for dependable repair services and keep your system in top condition.

Emergency HVAC Repair

Emergency HVAC issues require prompt, reliable solutions. Air Control Services offers 24/7 emergency hvac repair services in Las Cruces to quickly address your HVAC problems. Our team is equipped to handle urgent repairs at any time, ensuring your comfort is restored without delay. 

Call (575) 636-2754 for immediate assistance.

Air Conditioning Services

Air Control Services is your local provider for all air conditioning needs in Las Cruces, from routine maintenance to emergency repairs and full system installations. Our experienced technicians work to ensure your AC system is efficient and reliable, offering quality AC services.

Call (575) 636-2754 and enjoy a cooler home.

What Does AC Repair Involve?

AC repair involves several steps to diagnose and address issues with your air conditioning system, ensuring it operates efficiently. Technicians follow a systematic process to identify and resolve common AC problems.

First, technicians conduct a thorough inspection of the AC unit to assess its overall condition. This includes checking components like the compressor, evaporator coil, condenser coil, refrigerant levels, and electrical connections.

Once potential issues are identified, technicians proceed to troubleshoot the system to pinpoint the root cause of the problem. This may involve testing various components, assessing airflow, and measuring temperature differentials.

Based on their findings, technicians perform necessary repairs or replacements. This can include fixing leaks in the refrigerant lines, replacing worn-out components like capacitors, or cleaning and unclogging the condensate drain line.

After repairs, technicians test the system to ensure proper functioning. This includes verifying airflow, checking for leaks, and calibrating thermostat settings.

Additionally, technicians may provide recommendations for preventive maintenance to prolong the lifespan of the AC unit and prevent future issues. This may include scheduling regular tune-ups, changing air filters, and keeping the outdoor unit clear of debris.

Overall, AC repair involves inspection, troubleshooting, repair, and testing to restore the functionality of your air conditioning system and ensure your comfort indoors. By entrusting your AC repair needs to experienced contractors, you can enjoy a cool and comfortable home environment throughout the year.

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Signs You Need AC Repair Service

When it comes to your home’s comfort, it’s crucial to recognize the signs that indicate you need AC repair service. As a local company specializing in HVAC services, we understand the importance of addressing issues promptly. 


Here are the signs to watch out for:

  1. If your AC blows warm air instead of cool air, it could indicate a problem with the compressor or refrigerant levels.
  2. Insufficient airflow from your vents may suggest issues with the fan or ductwork, hindering your system’s efficiency.
  3. Unusual sounds coming from your AC unit, like grinding, squealing, or banging, could signal mechanical issues that require immediate attention.
  4. Foul or musty odors emanating from your vents could indicate mold or mildew growth or even burning electrical components, necessitating urgent repairs.
  5. If your AC is cycling on and off frequently, it could indicate issues with the thermostat, compressor, or refrigerant levels, leading to inefficiency and increased energy bills.
  6. Any signs of water leakage or moisture around your AC unit could indicate refrigerant leaks, clogged drain lines, or other issues that require professional intervention.
  7. A sudden spike in your energy bills without a corresponding increase in usage could indicate your AC system is working harder than usual due to underlying issues.

If you notice any of these signs, don’t hesitate to contact emergency AC repair specialists like us. Our company offers 24-hour emergency ac repairs near Las Cruces, New Mexico. Our contractors ensure prompt assistance whenever you need it, helping you restore comfort to your home quickly and efficiently.

Reliable, Experienced, Customer-Centric Service

Your Trusted HVAC Experts

With 35 years of experience, we prioritize customer satisfaction, honesty, and quality workmanship. Choose us for peace of mind.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority in every project.

Honest pricing and transparent communication throughout the service.

Quality workmanship guarantees long-lasting and reliable HVAC systems.

Experienced technicians ensure precise and efficient HVAC installations.

When your air conditioning system fails unexpectedly, you need prompt assistance from a reliable air conditioning contractor in Cruses, NM. Air Control Services offer emergency AC repair services to address urgent issues quickly and efficiently.

Our experienced contractors understand the importance of a functional AC system, especially during the hot summer months. Whether your AC is blowing warm air, making strange noises, or experiencing other issues, we’re here to help.

With our 24-hour emergency service, you can count on us to respond promptly to your call, day or night. We prioritize your comfort and satisfaction, aiming to resolve your AC problems swiftly.

When you contact us for emergency AC repairs, you can expect transparent communication, honest pricing, and quality workmanship. Our goal is to diagnose the issue accurately and provide effective solutions to get your AC up and running smoothly again.

Don’t let a malfunctioning AC system disrupt your comfort and well-being. 

Call (575) 636-2754 for emergency AC repairs, and trust our contractor to deliver prompt, reliable service when you need it most.


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Jason L.

My furnace broke during a freezing week. The repair team was at my door within hours, had it fixed in no time. Couldn't appreciate their fast, efficient service more!

Mary X.

My HVAC needed maintenance and I was unsure whom to trust. Your team proved to be reliable, surpassing my initial expectations. Professional service, attentive care, and now - a comfortably maintained HVAC. Truly commendable!

Frank U.

When my AC unit broke in the height of summer, Air Control Services was a lifesaver. Quick, professional, and friendly, they had us back to cool in no time. Couldn't recommend them more!

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We offer a comprehensive range of AC repair services in Las Cruces, NM, including diagnosing and fixing issues with air conditioning units, repairing or replacing components like compressors, fans, and thermostats, and addressing refrigerant leaks or system malfunctions to ensure optimal cooling performance. We also offer air conditioning installation. 

Yes, we understand that HVAC emergencies can occur at any time, which is why we offer 24-hour HVAC services in Las Cruces, NM. Our team is available round the clock to address any emergency repairs, ensuring your comfort and peace of mind day or night.

Yes, our HVAC services are available in Las Cruces, NM, and surrounding areas. Whether you need AC repair, heating services, or HVAC maintenance, our experienced technicians are ready to serve you in Las Cruces and beyond.

We recommend scheduling AC maintenance at least once a year to ensure your system operates efficiently and prolongs its lifespan. Regular maintenance with licensed companies like us helps prevent breakdowns, improves energy efficiency, and ensures your comfort year-round.

Yes, we offer comprehensive heating services alongside air conditioning repair. Whether you need furnace repair or ductwork installation, our HVAC specialists are equipped to handle all your heating needs.

Common signs that indicate you need air conditioner repair include warm air blowing from vents, weak airflow, strange noises, foul odors, frequent cycling, leaks or moisture around the unit, and increased energy bills. If you notice any of these signs, it’s best to schedule an air conditioner service promptly.

Yes, we offer emergency HVAC repair services outside of regular business hours to address urgent issues that require immediate attention. Our 24-hour emergency service ensures you can reach us anytime, day or night, for prompt assistance with your HVAC emergencies.

We prioritize emergency AC repairs and strive to respond promptly to service calls in Las Cruces, NM. As one of the leading companies, our goal is to address your AC issues as quickly as possible to restore comfort to your home, typically arriving within a short timeframe after receiving your call.

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Did you know?

Did you know that Las Cruces, New Mexico has a desert climate with hot summers and cool winters, making proper HVAC maintenance essential for year-round comfort and efficiency?